Building Supervision/Project Management

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Many Owner Builders, small to medium sized Construction Companies, and Developers require a Licensed Building Work Supervisor.
Depending on your needs Innovate can supply the bare minimum service and perform the required inspections and reporting for Building Compliance. Additionally Building Supervisions services are available at a more comprehensive level with supervising and coordinating the entire construction process. The includes trade sourcing, trade priced supplier quotes, staging and timeframe management, Engineer bookings, Council Inspection Bookings, Service Connection Coordination, and Booking, Inspecting, and Ordering all trades and materials. You as the client will have a more flexible and controlled process that you can see open book and make many of your own trade and supplier choices without the limitations of some of the Building Company’s you are used.

(Prices vary based on the size and complexity of the project)

And if you wish to have your entire project taken care of the Full Project Management option may be for you. This includes a combination of the above services to meet your requirements:

  • Land Sourcing for Developments
  • Development Design and Submission to Council
  • Concept Design, Detailed Design, and Council Approval Coordination
  • Coordinate and Manage Cost Estimates, Quotes, and Project Schedules
  • Building Supervision on a day to day basis.
  • All Required Inspections, Engineers Bookings, Council Inspections, and Council Compliance Checklist and Sign Offs.
  • Even a 3 month Maintenance Service Post Construction and Hand over if you desire.

(This suits the More Particular Clients that have the desire to get an exceptional Customised Build at a reasonable price and who want to be more involved in the building process)

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