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Pre-purchase Inspections are a very important part of purchasing an established home.

Depending on the age and maintenance performed on the house there is a potential for have structural issues and significant maintenance costs required to bring some properties up to standard. South Australia and particularly Adelaide have soils with a great deal of movement between seasons. This means at times significant cracking and movement in structures that may need structural correction. Additionally rising salt damp, termite infestations, Roof Leaks, Retaining Wall Failures, Wet Area leaks and waterproofing failures and damage are some significant problems that arise in aging homes which can be picked up and reported on prior to purchase and save you buying that lemon that may cost you thousands soon after purchase if you are not aware of some of the sometimes hidden problems to the untrained eye.

Innovate can assist in providing a comprehensive report that will detail the condition of the home and highlight any areas of concern. As we have a strong design and construction background a realistic but indicative cost of any corrective of works required can also be discussed so you have an informed position when going in to purchase a property.

A comprehensive structural and condition report is always recommended but the additional service of assessing the potential pest issues around the home is also available to the more particular client.

  • Additionally we can comment on alterations, load-bearing walls, the potential for extensions and renovations that are possible on the property subject to Council Consent.
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