At Innovate Projects, we provide a flexible and cost-effective approach to construction. While all clients have different needs, style of design and budget, we can provide the basic Building Supervisors Compliance Sign Offs to full Project Management of your project.

With over 25 years of experience in the building industry, you will receive a high level of technical support, trade contacts, and supplier discounts with a practical and systemised approach to a quality Home or Extension.


Custom design projects are our speciality and therefore we can help you achieve that special personalised design with a few of those fancy touches without breaking the bank. Have a browse over some of the previous projects that we have Designed and Constructed.


All new house builds and home renovations by owner builders need to have compliance sign offs. INNOVATE offer INDEPENDENT Builder Inspection sign-offs which gives you the customer peace of mind because INNOVATE act INDEPENDENTLY of you builder so you can be assured that your owner builder compliance sign off will only happen if the work has been completed correctly.

See our prices and your responsibilities under S.A. Government Guidelines click here.


When we first view a project we ask where do we fit in.

We want our service to be complimentary and fit in to the clients needs and requirements.

Once the project has been considered we may recommend that the optimum way to use us would be to sign off on compliance.

Innovate has a minimum service for compliance

A new home and an extension require Inspection and Sign off 3 times

1. Pre-slab pore

2. Framing inspection – Regulation 74 Building Supervisors check list

3. Certificate of completion

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